Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Live Mesh and Live Framework Presentation

Yesterday I gave a presentation on Live Mesh and the Live Framework for Software Professionals of Alaska.


High-quality WMV download (78.6 MB)

Slides (5.6MB pptx)

What did I talk about?


As you can see by Yertle the Meshified Turtle, I had some fun with the presentation.

Besides putting my own spin on the typical introductory material, I gave some guidance on things that tend to trip up developers coming from a background of relational databases, file systems, and app-owned data (36:42 onwards).

The last part of my presentation is the most interesting part (to me anyway).  This is where I speculate wildly about what the future might hold.  There are some good scoops in there that most people probably don’t know about.  I might get in trouble for talking about them, but I assure you that every scoop or bit of speculation has a publicly available source to back it up.  I’ve got them right here in my notes.  Check it out starting at 42:12.

More info

As I mentioned in the presentation, the Live Framework Forum is the best one stop shop for more resources to get you started.  There are several sticky threads at the top that contain everything you need.

There were two things I intended to demo but forgot.  First is mobile web access to Live Mesh at  It works in desktop browsers too, so check it out.  Make your browser window tiny and pretend it’s a phone. ;-)

The second thing I forgot to demo was the Live Framework Resource Browser.  Fortunately, there is already a video showing it in action.  Real clicky-clicky browsing action starts around the 7-minute mark.

Afterward several people said they wanted to see what it’s like to develop a Mesh-Enabled Web App.  Check out this nice 11-minute video showing how to build a Silverlight MEWA.

Since we’re on a roll with videos, I’d also recommend you check out the very well done Live Mesh ad I mentioned in the “futures” part of my presentation.  If you have the bandwidth, go to the source and click the HD button.  It’s beautiful.


A note on presenting

I thought I would be embarrassed to listen to a recording of myself, but it turned out better than I expected.  One thing I learned is that Dan was right when he held up the “Talk louder” sign.  Thanks, Dan.  Sometimes I fade away at the end of sentences.  I blame it on my time in Finland (their sentences all run downhill, even questions).  Something to work on for next time.

Listening to myself in the third person without visual cues, I noticed several times when my dry humor was so deadpan, you might be left wondering whether it was intentional.  So if you have “was that intentional?” moments while listening, the answer is probably “yes.” There was probably an equally subtle smile on my face as I said it. ;-)


Alex said...

Oran, I enjoyed your presentation. Thanks for putting it together!

Mark Freedman said...

Thanks for this, Oran. It'll definitely help me for my June presentation. By the way, if you are able to upload a version with higher bitrate audio, please let me know.

Wish me luck.

= Mark

Oran Dennison said...

Thanks Mark. Unfortunately the original audio had a lot of static to begin with, and the noise cancelling I ran afterward makes it sound like I'm underwater in a tin can, although it's actually an improvement. So the quality isn't a bitrate issue, it's a limitation of the original audio quality. Sorry about that.