Thursday, November 06, 2008

L1v3 M35H L337 H4x0rZ

In case you aren’t already persuaded that the Live Mesh team are a bunch of L337 H4x0rZ, check out the ids of entries in the Profiles feed.

id title
G3N3RaL GeneralProfile
480u7Y0U AboutYouProfile
k0n74C7Inf0 ContactProfile
wORK1nfo WorkProfile
1n7eRE572 InterestsProfile


I believe this also demonstrates their far-reaching commitment to open web standards and the new generation of social apps.  Or perhaps the hidden message is “so easy, even script kiddies can hack it!”

You can see this for yourself by firing up the Live Framework Resource Browser (LivefxResourceBrowser.exe from the SDK tools) and drilling down into Cloud LOE > Profiles.

On a slightly related note, as I was digging around with the Resource Browser I discovered that the following two URL styles appear to be interchangeable.

I’m not sure if the email identifier format is stable enough to bank on, but it’s convenient for typing or tweaking URLs by hand.  Does anyone know of other equivalent identifier types in Mesh resources?

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dthorpe said...

Ya, I noticed the l33tsp34k for the first time yesterday too. Silly, silly, silly. :P